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青海快3开奖结果查询: Looking for a Botox Alternative? Here’s What Actually Works BY: COLLEEN LOGGINS LOSTER | 3.29.2019

青海快3下载 If you’re looking for a Botox alternative, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Sleep Better with 15 Tips for the Bedroom and Beyond
How to sleep better: buy a new bed and other tips for better sleep
Develop Your Sense of Scents: A Guide to Women’s and Men’s Fragrance
Woody, floral, gourmand—we help you discern the notes that make up women’s and men’s fragrance so you can find what you like
The Ultimate Guide to Bra Types
There are plenty of bra types, but which ones are right for you? We break them all down in one simple guide.
Five of the Most Common Facial Treatments at the Spa
Let us give you the basics on the most popular spa facial treatments
Self-Care at Home: A Guide to Types of Face Masks
Before you fire up the Netflix, put on one of these for the ultimate indulgence—here’s our guide to the types of face masks you can use at home
Our Guide to the Different Types of Makeup Brushes
Don’t use the same brush for shading as you do for defining—let us guide you to the right types of makeup brushes
Develop Your Sense of Scents: A Guide to Women’s and Men’s Fragrance
Woody, floral, gourmand—we help you discern the notes that make up women’s and men’s fragrance so you can find what you like
What Is Piloxing? The Answer to Workout Boredom
Piloxing classes are becoming a standard on workout schedules, but do you know what it is?
Asana? Ujjayi? All the Yoga Terms You Should Know Before Your First Class
Get to know a few basic yoga terms beforehand and focus on enjoying your class while you’re there.
What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation and How Does It Work?
Skip traditional liposuction and find a slimmer figure with ultrasonic cavitation. Learn what it is, how it works, and how to save on its costs.
Botox for Migraines: How the Injectable Stops Severe Headaches
The FDA approved using Botox for migraines after studies showed its effectiveness. Here's how Botox may help your headaches.
Understanding These 6 Misconceptions About How to Meditate Will Take the Pressure Off
Think you can’t meditate? We debunk misconceptions about how to meditate to make the practice more accessible to anyone.
A Laser Lipo Guide: How It Works, What It Costs, What to Know Before You Go
Learn all about laser lipo, the noninvasive alternative to liposuction surgery.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Botox Injections But Were Afraid to Ask
We asked a physician assistant and a frequent Botox user to answer our real questions about Botox injections, including if it’s rude to ask friends about their own Botox.
Botox for Sweating: How the Injectable Can Stop Excessive Sweat
Whether you suffer from hyperhidrosis or simply want drier underarms, you may want to consider trying Botox for sweating. Here's how it works.
Closet Organizer Ideas: 13 Ways to Get Your Clothes in Order and Keep Them That Way
Sometimes all it takes is a few adjustments—here are our favorite closet organizer ideas
What Do Lip Injections Cost and 10 Other Lip Filler Questions Answered
Wondering what lip injections cost? If they hurt? Which fillers are best? We've got you covered.
How to Keep Hair Color from Fading—Advice from an Aveda Colorist
Nothing lasts forever, especially hair color—here’s how to make those vibrant locks last longer
What Does a Professional Organizer Really Do?
You don’t have to have chaos in your home to get some good help from a professional organizer
How to Organize a Closet: Start By Making Piles and Other Tips from a Pro
Whether or not it’s spring, it’s a good time to get cleaning. Here are our favorite closet organization tips, straight from a professional
Our 10 Favorite Shoe Organizers to Help Corral Your Closet
These shoe organizers will help your errant footwear find a home
10 Types of Blankets To Hide Under Until Spring
Our favorite types of blankets will actually have you looking forward to those chilly days.
How to Get Red Hair
We get it, going red can be intimidating. But just about anyone can have red hair—we’ll tell you how
What Is a HydraFacial? FAQs for This Strong Yet Gentle Treatment
We answer your FAQs about the mighty HydraFacial, which uses the power of water to refresh skin
Inside Red Square: the Turkish Bath Chicago Bigwigs Have Gotten Naked in for Years
Indulge in a relaxing sweat, steam, and soak inside Red Square, a modernized revamp of the Turkish bath Chicago has loved for a century.
Subscription Boxes and Why We Love to Be Surprised
With subscription boxes, even grownups seek out their own version of blind bag toys. Why are grown adults willing to shell out money for something sight unseen?
Do You Need a Pumpkin Mask? How Your Skin Type Can Benefit from the Fall Berry
An aesthetician explains how a pumpkin mask benefits more than just our culture's autumnal obsession with orange gourds.
9 Quick Tips for Sticking with Your Fitness Goals in the New Year
Setting fitness goals is easy, actually sticking to them is not. But these trainer tips can get you past the plateau.
Why a Women-Only Gym Might Be Exactly What Your Workout Needs
With a women-only gym, it IS possible to feel totally comfortable while working out. Here’s how:
What Is CBD Oil and What Is It Used For?
CBD products are popping up in shops everywhere, but just what is CBD, anyway, and how do you know if it’s right for you?
12 Great New Years Workouts, Paired with Your Zodiac Sign
Sick of making fitness resolutions that never last? Perhaps you need to choose a New Years workout that fits with your zodiac sign!
What It’s Really Like to Get a Hydrating Facial
After weeks of dealing with dry skin, our editor got a hydrating facial. These are her results.
10 Things to Pack For a Cruise (Including Some You Might Not Think Of)
You’ve got your tickets, your passport, and your all-too-important formalwear, but did you remember these 10 things you must take on a cruise?
From Sheet Masks to Snacks: Our Best Subscription Boxes
Subscription boxes are the gift that keep on giving—every single month. Here are our favorites.
A Guide to Roman Bathhouses & Why They're Great
Roman bathhouses are starting to catch on in the US; here’s what you should know before you go to one.
Glass Nails Are a Thing, and They're Beautiful
Get to know glass nails, a nail art trend that started in Korea and went viral on Instagram.
10 Things to Do at The LINQ Las Vegas
Our list of the top things to do at Linq Las Vegas includes zip lines, craft cocktails, and a ride to the best view in Las Vegas.
What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? A Complete Guide to the Benefits & the Experience
One editor decided to find out for herself.
What is a Dry Bar? What to Expect & 3 Styles to Inspire You
What is a dry bar or blow-dry bar? The answer to your boring hair routine, that's what.
What Is Botox: The Complete Guide
Some say it's the secret to eternal youth, but what is Botox and how does it really work? Our comprehensive guide breaks it all down.
What Is Kybella? Meet the Fat-Killing Injectable
You've heard of wrinkle-smoothing fillers and freezers. Now meet Kybella, the injectable designed to slim a double chin.
What Is Radiesse? Answering the FAQs
Here's what you need to know about Radiesse, the only filler that can treat both faces and hands for wrinkles.
What Is Xeomin? A Guide to the Botox Alternative
Learn all about Xeomin, the wrinkle-fighter that's similar to Botox and typically more cost-effective.
Juvéderm FAQs: What It Does, Cost & More
Wrinkles and signs of aging appearing on your face? Fight back with Juvéderm injections. We explain what is Juvéderm, how much Juvéderm costs, and more. 
Thanksgiving Table Decorations to Inspire Your Own Table
Thanksgiving table decorations inspired by Instagram are as inviting as the meal itself
Dos and Don'ts for Stress-Free Kids Haircuts
Kids haircuts can be terrifying, not just for kids, but for parents and stylists. So we asked stylists for tips.
Beauty on a Budget: What 7 Women Spend on Beauty Per Year
We surveyed seven women with similar salaries to see what they spend on skincare, makeup, and haircare each year. This is how they're doing beauty on a budget.
Lash Lift Review: Yep, I Got an Eyelash Perm
Watch as one of our beauty writers gets a lash lift, AKA an eyelash perm, along with a lash tint.
Winter Outfit Ideas to Keep You Warm
These winter outfit ideas prove that layering up doesn't have to leave you feeling frumpy.
The Best Stocking Stuffers for 2018
Chocolate-covered oranges are out and blue tooth shower speakers are in, at least according to our list of this year's best stocking stuffers.
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