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青海拍卖: What I Learned from Donating Hair BY: SHANNON GRILLI | 7.26.2016

青海快3下载 Donating Hair left me with unclogged sinks, warm fuzzy feelings, and a really great new haircut.

10 Great Stress Relief Activities to Try
If you feel like stress is weighing you down, try these stress relief activities, ranging from obvious remedies like meditation to more unorthodox ideas.
Botox Advice from a Physician's Assistant and Botox Vet
We asked a physician assistant and a Botox veteran to give us their best Botox advice, including how to ask friends about it without being rude.
What is Velashape (and How Long Do Results Last?)
If you're searching for ways to get rid of cellulite, you've likely begun asking "what is VelaShape"? We answer all your questions about the treatment.
Curly Hair Tips and Tricks
How to wash, condition, and style your curly hair based on your curl type, plus why using a brush on your spirals may not be such a bad idea.
What Is a Hot-Stone Massage? Could It Be Right For You?
A guide to hot-stone massages and how they’ll help melt away your stress and tension, one rock at a time.
Our 6 Top-Selling Spa Gifts
To improve your gifting chances, we examined our purchasing data along gender lines to find what men and women think are the best spa treatments.
A Frizzy-Hair Guide to Taming the Untameable
We've compiled 10 methods for taming frizzy hair, from easy at-home tasks to more drastic measures that may require a professional stylist’s know-how.
Paraffin Wax: A Secret Ingredient to a Perfect Manicure
Take your manicure to the next level with a little add-on that involves paraffin wax—and no, it’s not an aromatherapy candle.
Shiatsu Massage Explained
Get the low-down on shiatsu massage—a type of bodywork unlike any other—which involves techniques intended to activate the qi and relax the body.
Demystifying the Brazilian Blowout
Learn all about Brazilian Blowouts: what they are, who can get them, and whether they really come from Brazil.
Japanese Hair Straightening Questions, Answered
With Japanese hair straightening, say goodbye to those kinks and curls. Permanently.
The Nail Files: A Guide to an Essential Manicure Tool
Our guide to using the right nail files at home. Learn to nail your mani by delving into the world of metal files, emery boards, and buffing blocks.
Acrylic Nails Can Look However You Want Them To
Celebrities sporting long, fake nails may have convinced you to head to the nail salon and get some. But before you do, read our guide to acrylic nails.
What Is a Nail Wrap? An Investigation of the Nail Sticker.
Curious about nail wraps? I was too, so I tried out the nail stickers and learned that wearing them isn’t as simple as slapping them on and going.
A Spa Gift Guide for All the Ones You Love
Turn Valentine’s Day into an opportunity to show every kind of loved one you care. Here are ideas for pampering all of them.
Is Invisalign Right for You?
It sounds almost magical: straighter teeth without braces. But what’s it like? And who is it for?
The Best Fall Trends in Fashion, Hair, Nails, and Beauty
This single look shows off the fall trends we’re loving for 2016 and beyond.
How to Plan the Perfect Couples Massage
It takes a lot more than just making the appointment—for starters, you’ve gotta figure out whether or not you’re talkers.
Should Your Manicure Match Your Pedicure?
Our highly scientific poll had respondents examining their polish habits for both fingers and toes.
What Is Cellulite, and Can It Be Treated?
What is cellulite? It’s a question that many women consider in front of their full-length mirrors. We’ve got you covered with illustrations and explanations.
A Guide to Yoga for Beginners
An expert yoga teacher tells us how to find the right style instead of just looking at #yoga on Instagram.
Find Your Fitness Philosophy
Are you more CrossFit or more barre? Do you like to strike a pose? Or pedal past obstacles? Find a workout that's right for you by learning more from top trainers in four popular fitness categories.
How to Jump Into Your First POUND Fitness Class
What you need to know before your first POUND class—and no, drumming experience isn’t required.
How Much to Tip at the Salon and Spa: A Complete Guide
From haircuts to airbrush tans, we lay out the proper etiquette for tipping after any beauty service.
Spa Etiquette Begins with Not Being Shy
You might have to get naked. You’ll probably have to share. And you’ll definitely have to pee.
Four Seasons Spas Guide: 12 Spots for the Ultimate Spa Day
Four Seasons Spas combine luxe relaxation with world-class service. But deacadent spa packages, saunas, and private cabana treatments are just the start.
Adventures in Fitness: Medieval Workout at Forteza
Forteza's trainers combine modern fitness and archaic Western martial arts inspired by the duelists of the Renaissance and the knights of medieval Europe.
Why Taking a Mud Bath Might Be Good for You
Prepare to sink into the wet and dirty world of mud treatments.
This Instructor’s Spin-Class Tips Will Make You Feel Prepared and Motivated
With this instructor’s spin-class tips, you can reach the top of any imaginary hill.
Learning How to Meditate Made Me Want to Try Harder at Life
The benefits of meditation run deep—after class I took a walk and a bike ride, ate a salad, and did not drink at a Sunday Funday barbecue.
Barre Workout Tips for Beginners
Barre classes aren't just for prima ballerinas. A Bar Method instructor shares advice for newbies.
Everything You Need to Know About Green Juice
Health coach, yoga instructor, and all-around healthy person Katarina Arneric tells us what you need to make the healthy drink at home and how it stacks up nutrition-wise against salad.
9 Nail-Design Ideas for Conservative or Creative Work Environments
Nine nail-design ideas that range from twists on old classics to full-on nail art.
This Groupon Beauty Editor Made a Seven-Month Commitment to Achieving Pink Hair
How to get pink hair without throwing in the towel at the first sight of color swirling around the shower drain.
How to Get Rid of Cellulite: A Cheat Sheet
Want to know how to get rid of cellulite? We explain the science behind various treatments and tell you which method you should choose if you have a wedding next week.
One Jar of Coconut Oil Equals 16 Household Staples Across Three Rooms
The super-substance helps to cook eggs just as well as it fends off diaper rash.
Young Women Are Going Gray on Purpose and They Feel Fine
Bleaching your hair gray isn’t just eye-catching—it’s also a middle finger to the anti-aging industry. Barbara and Barbara owner Kara Wabbell shows us how it’s done.
4 Lip Balms, 16 Days, 10 Sets of Lips: The Panic to Find the Best Lip Balm Before Winter Hits
We sought lip-balm advice from a dermatologist, then had our beauty team test four different types. The balm at the top of the list? It’s a tie.
No, Eyebrow Extensions Won't Make Your Brows Really Long
Instead, they can fill in the gaps, enhance brow shape, and hide years of overtweezing.
Myths and Facts: Using Face Oil for Dry Skin
We know—it’s called face oil. We’re just as shocked as you are that it won’t actually make your face oily.
The Guide to Mother’s Day Gifts
Mom deserves her big day to be special, and you probably need all the help you can get. Find the best Mother’s Day gifts for every kind of mom with our gift guides.
Are Heels and Flip-Flops Always Bad For Your Feet? We Asked a Podiatrist.
Dr. Donna Hayes tells us how to know when shoes actually fit and which shoe she’d like to wish out of existence.
A Colorist’s Five Tips on How to Stop Gray Hair
If you want to start dyeing gray hair, put down the box color and call your stylist.
Three Simple Ways to Remove Glitter Nail Polish
MacGyver your way out of a glitter manicure with everyday items like rubber bands and glue.
I Know What -240 Degrees Feels Like
Two minutes in a cryotherapy chamber might sound like (frozen) hell on earth, but a 9-year-old did it and so did I. It was awesome.
Put Your Tweezers Down. Read These Brow Tips First.
An Emmy-nominated makeup artist's tips on filling, shaping, and tweezing your arches at home.
Six Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Korean Spa
Expect to get naked and eat grilled meats. Not at the same time.
How Much Blood Goes Into a Vampire Facial?
What is a vampire facial? How much does it cost and how much blood does it use? Join us as we answer all these questions and more.
A Private Tour of Lincoln Park’s Top Boutiques with the Founder of ShopAround Chicago
Even on the most gray and rainy of April days, Sean Krista refuses to dress for Chicago’s weather. “I don’t feel like myself without my heels on,” she says, her feet fitted into a chic pair of booties.
Quiz: Which Spa Experience Should You Give to Mom?
, we decide what gifts to buy our loved ones by using centuries' old yuletide techniques, like computers and cold, hard analytics
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