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青海省东部城市群: Mel's Drive In: How a 1940s-Style Diner Became an Instagram Favorite BY: ANDY SEIFERT | 7.30.2018

青海快3下载 Mel's Drive In is more than just an old diner. It's also a California iconic, famous for "American Graffiti," Googie architecture, and now, inventive food.

These Wine and Chocolate Pairings Make Cute Couples
Famed restaurateur Piero Selvaggio shared perfect wine and chocolate pairings just in time for Valentine's Day.
Raclette: Another Amazing Way to Serve Your Guests Melted Cheese
Take another tip from the Swiss with raclette, and gather your friends around the grilled version of fondue
A Dickey's Barbecue Pitmaster on What Makes Great BBQ
We talked to the head pitmaster at Dickey's Barbecue Pit about what it's like to run the pit, what makes great BBQ, and more.
How Much to Tip the Delivery Driver? A Pizza Guy on Tipping Etiquette
We've all done it: after ordering from Groupon to Go or your favorite pizza place, we haven't considered the proper food-delivery etiquette. And while there are plenty of articles out there on how much to tip your server, there is less out there for someone Googling "how much to tip pizza guy." So we sat down with "Ray," a former delivery driver f
What Is Umami?
What is umami? We break down what to expect from the fifth flavor. Hint: it's not salty, sweet, sour, or bitter.
The Pop Up Bar Is Here to Stay
Never been to a pop up bar? Obsessed with them? Wherever you stand, one thing’s for sure: the trend ain’t goin’ anywhere soon.
How Slow Cookers and 4 Other Appliances Let You Set It and Forget It
These great small appliances make dinner almost effortless
Why Orange Wine is the Next Big Thing
Orange wine is popping up on menus all over, but what is it? Here's what you need to know.
10 of Our Favorite CBD Products
Sure, you’ve heard about CBD oil and CBD gummies, but what about CBD bath bombs?
Never Been to a Kava Bar? You Might Be Missing Out on Some Happiness
If you've never been to a kava bar, you could be missing out on some happiness courtesy of a Pacific Island tea that can fight anxiety and stress.
How Superdawg Stands the Test of Time by Changing Almost Nothing
Superdawg, purveyor of one of the best hot dogs in Chicago, spills the secret to its success
How to Fondue: A Guide to Types, Tips, Gear, and Famous Fondue Spots
Our guide to fondue: how to fondue, etiquette tips, and where to find fondue near you
14 Different Types of Tea: A List of Tea Varieties
You know about black tea, green tea, and chai. But there are a ton of other different types of tea varieties. We run down the kinds of tea you should know.
How to Drink Sake: Seven Rules for Sipping
We asked a certified sake expert for tips on how to drink sake, and learned the one magic word to look for when buying a bottle.
The Most Popular Types of Apples
Let us help you distinguish between the most popular types of apples
Why Filipino Breakfast Is the Heartiest of Breakfasts
Kain na! Why Filipino breakfast is the hearty meal that should not be missed.
School Lunch Ideas & Lunchboxes To Break the Lunch Rut
Three healthy school lunch ideas plus lunch box recommendations
What Is a St. Paul Sandwich?
How America's strangest sandwich came to be a staple of Chinese restaurants in St. Louis
What Is Tempura? A Crispy, Crunchy Japanese Art
Tempura is deep fried so perfectly, it's hard to resist
Some of The Best Tacos in America: Part 1
The best tacos in America aren't just found in the southwest. Here are our picks for the best taco places in the USA, from Philadelphia to San Francisco.
A Texas Wine Country Weekend for $200
Texas wine country is the perfect weekend getaway. We'll help you plan it.
Chop Suey Vs. Chow Mein: What's the Difference?
In the debate to determine the winner of chop suey vs. chow mein, we figure it's important to tell you the difference between chow mein and chop suey.
13 Cool Kitchen Gadgets
Poach eggs, pitt cherries, and open stubborn jars. Sometimes the coolest kitchen gadgets are the ones you didn't even know you needed.
How to Eat Blue Crab, Filipino Mom Style
Cracking open that shell intimidated me my whole life. Finally, my mom showed me how to eat blue crab
Pike Place Market: See It or Skip It?
Pike Place Market is the most heavily trafficked tourist destination in Seattle. But is it worth your time? We visited to find out.
Dale Talde on Why His Food Is "Proudly Inauthentic"
The Top Chef’s cooking style is one part mom’s Filipino cooking, one part American fast food, and 100% delicious.
Cheap Eats Portland: The 10 Best Meals Under $15
From fancy French breakfasts to paella served from a food cart, we looked far and wide to bring you our favorite cheap eats in Portland.
Medieval Times: A Day in the Life of a Knight
We spoke with a Medieval Times knight to get a better idea of what it's like to be a bonafide protector of the realm.
The Best Burger in Every City: Part 1
We're on an ongoing quest to find the best burgers in every major U.S. and Canadian city. Did your favorite spot make our list?
The Brazilian Steakhouse: A Guide to Monuments to Meat
From the traffic-light-inspired service, to the seemingly endless array of meats, here's what to expect when you dine at a Brazilian steakhouse.
Gifts for Coffee Lovers
Upgrade your favorite coffee-lovers' at-home setup with ideas from this list of 10 coffee accessories.
Cheap Eats Atlanta: 10 of the Best Meals Under $20
Fried chicken, juicy burgers, and scoops of ice cream made their way onto our list of 10 "Cheap Eats Atlanta" champs.
What is Ramen and Why Is It Suddenly Everywhere?
This microwave staple morphed into a decade-long gourmet trend. But just what is ramen and how did it become such a hit?
What is Dim Sum? A Guide to the Chinese Answer to Brunch
We take a peek at the history and flavors of this popular Chinese meal to help anyone who’s ever wondered: just what is dim sum exactly?
Cheap Eats Phoenix: The 10 Best Meals Under $15
Munch on gourmet hot dogs, giant pastrami sandwiches, and machaca burritos with this list of "Cheap Eats Phoenix" champions.
What Makes Malaysian Food So Malaysian
What four flavors pack a punch in every bite of Malaysian food? Chef John Petry, formerly of New York's Fatty Crab, clues us in.
Halo-Halo: A Dessert with Eight Beautiful Parts
We break down this colorful Filipino dessert, perfect for pretending you're in the tropics even in the dead of winter.
What Is an Instant Pot and Should You Get One?
If you follow foodie news, you might be asking "What is an Instant Pot?" We'll answer that and help you decide if you need one.
What Is Mead? Just the World's Oldest Spirit
The "Nectar of the Gods," the oldest drink known to man: here's why mead is experiencing a renaissance.
The Porchetta Sandwich: Possibly the Best Italian Sandwich on Earth
The sandwich begins with no ordinary pork roast, but a porchetta, made according to a classic Italian recipe.
Cheap Eats Philadelphia: The 10 Best Meals Under $10
Chow down on massive cheesesteaks, acclaimed Indonesian, creative omelettes, and more "Cheap Eats Philadelphia" favorites.
20 Ice Cream Sundaes to Try Before You Die
When it comes to ice cream sundaes, the bigger and more decadent, the better. Check out our list of the 20 best.
A Regional Guide to 7 Types of Southern BBQ
No food defines an entire region requite like Southern BBQ. Here are 7 styles (with deals!) from Carolina to Texas to check out for yourself.
Cheap Eats San Francisco: The 10 Best Meals Under $15
Munch on grilled Mission burritos, sandwiches smothered in Dirty Sauce, and more "Cheap Eats San Francisco" favorites.
Shirataki Noodles: Four Tips for Using this “Miracle” Low-Carb Pasta
Shirataki noodles are a low-carb pasta that with nearly zero calories. Learn how to cook, eat, and enjoy this miracle ingredient.
How One Food Hall Serves 18,000 People on Their Lunch Break
Your lunch break may mean a respite from the office, but for restaurants that cater to the weekday lunch crowd, like Revival Food Hall in Chicago, it means a lot prep.
10 Little Italy Restaurants and Their Classic Dishes
When it comes to Italian restaurants, NYC has some of the best in the country—many of which are located in Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood. But with so many delicious options within a few blocks, how can you choose just one? ?
The Ultimate Chicago Pizza, Built From Four Different Pies
We dreamed up the best possible Chicago pizza by combining the best crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings from pizzerias across the city (pizza dreams are the best dreams).
What is Cilantro? A Definitive Guide to a Divisive Herb
It’s definitely not parsley, and it’s kind of coriander. Before your next order of tacos or batch of green curry, brush up your knowledge of this divisive herb.
What is Umami? A Guide to the Most Mysterious Flavor
If you’ve ever eaten meat or cheese, you’ve probably tasted umami. But what is the flavor, exactly, and why did it take scientists so long to discover it?
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