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青海省拍卖行: A Regional Guide to 7 Types of Southern BBQ BY: GROUPON EDITORS | 7.24.2017

青海快3下载 No food defines an entire region requite like Southern BBQ. Here are 7 styles (with deals!) from Carolina to Texas to check out for yourself.

Shirataki Noodles: Four Tips for Using this “Miracle” Low-Carb Pasta
Shirataki noodles are a low-carb pasta that with nearly zero calories. Learn how to cook, eat, and enjoy this miracle ingredient.
How One Food Hall Serves 18,000 People on Their Lunch Break
Your lunch break may mean a respite from the office, but for restaurants that cater to the weekday lunch crowd, like Revival Food Hall in Chicago, it means a lot prep.
10 Little Italy Restaurants and Their Classic Dishes
When it comes to Italian restaurants, NYC has some of the best in the country—many of which are located in Manhattan’s Little Italy neighborhood. But with so many delicious options within a few blocks, how can you choose just one? ?
The Ultimate Chicago Pizza, Built From Four Different Pies
We dreamed up the best possible Chicago pizza by combining the best crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings from pizzerias across the city (pizza dreams are the best dreams).
What is Cilantro? A Definitive Guide to a Divisive Herb
It’s definitely not parsley, and it’s kind of coriander. Before your next order of tacos or batch of green curry, brush up your knowledge of this divisive herb.
What is Umami? A Guide to the Most Mysterious Flavor
If you’ve ever eaten meat or cheese, you’ve probably tasted umami. But what is the flavor, exactly, and why did it take scientists so long to discover it?
What is Espresso?
How is espresso made and why does it get that foamy stuff on top? Our guide gives you insight into your daily jolt.
What is Chorizo? A Butcher Breaks Down This Paprika-Packed Sausage
What is chorizo? What's in it? Why is it so red? A butcher gives us the low-down on the spiced, surprisingly familiar sausage.
How to Make Grilled Cheese with 0 to 6 Flourishes
Knowing how to make grilled cheese is required knowledge. Learn how with this simple recipe, plus a few bonus flourishes informed by chefs from around the country.
The Best Coffee in Chicago's Loop: A 12-Stop, 2.5-Mile Crawl
Let the jolt of caffeine and the rushing sounds of the L fuel you on this coffee run through Chicago's business district.
A Three-Day Classic Chicago Restaurants Challenge
We set out to see how many iconic Chicago dining experiences we could squeeze into one weekend, all using the new Groupon+ deals.
What Is the Real Cost of a Date?
Is he paying or are you going dutch? Can you use a Groupon at dinner? Our respondents didn’t hold back when sharing their opinions about the cost of a date.
Dining Out on Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have to Be Depressing
Families traditionally feast at home on Thanksgiving, but dining out on November’s fourth Thursday has its own rewards.
An Ale vs. Lager Beer Breakdown
Our beer breakdown features ale vs lager, two beer styles with fundamentally different brewing processes and histories. It might surprise you which is older.
What is Dim Sum? A Guide to the Chinese Answer to Brunch
We take a peek at the history and tastes of this popular Chinese meal to help anyone who’s ever wondered: just what is dim sum exactly?
A Kimchi Recipe from a Kimchi-Contest Judge
Homemade kimchi is a refreshing snack when eaten on its own, and its bright flavors stand out beautifully when it’s paired with meat, simmered in soup, or griddled into savory pancakes at a Korean restaurant. But there’s more to like about kimchi than just its taste.   Skip to the kimchi recipe or read more about the superfood first   “The health b
Weird State Fair Food You Have to Try
Some state-fair foods are better than others.
A Dessert with Eight Beautiful Parts
We break down this colorful Filipino dessert, perfect for pretending you're in the tropics in the dead of winter.
Diving into Dim Sum
A dim-sum chef gives us the scoop on siu mai, chicken feet, and how to ask for more tea.
It's Hard to Be a Picky Eater with a Michelin-Starred Tasting Menu
It’s weirdly liberating to eat whatever you’re served.
One Jar of Coconut Oil Equals 16 Household Staples Across Three Rooms
The super-substance helps to cook eggs just as well as it fends off diaper rash.
Making Mofongo at Nellie’s in Chicago
The owners of Nellie's in Chicago show us how to make mofongo, a classic Puerto Rican mashed and fried plantain dish.
Bronzeville Dining Destinations
To many Chicagoans, the neighborhoods south of Roosevelt Road seem to be a culinary wasteland. To Jimalita Tillman, Chicago native and executive director of the Harold Washington Cultural Center and Performing Arts Theatre?(4701 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Dr.), fine-dining opportunities definitely exist on the South Side—if you give them a chance.
Five Tips to Improve Your Food Photography from an Award-Winning Chef
From lemon juice to neutral-colored plates, Taste of Groupon Award-winner Chef Roque Heidler knows all the tricks for improving your food photography.
Last-Minute Lifehack: DIY Slotted Spoon
Easter-egg dyeing only happens once a year—so it’s no surprise if you find yourself short a few necessary tools. Here’s how we improvised an impromptu slotted spoon to dip eggs in spring colors without leaving a mark. (That’s what happens to us whenever we use tongs alone.)
Fresh Picks: Convenient But Not Conventional
People, plants, then profits. That’s the hierarchy of concerns for Irv Cernauskas and Shelly Herman, whose eco-conscious grocery service, Fresh Picks, delivers roughly 20,000 pounds of local and organic produce weekly to homes across Chicagoland. Though they fill out their selection with out-of-state organic purchases, many of Fresh Picks’ suppliers are local. In 2012, Shelly said, they purchased more than $750,000 worth of produce directly from small area farms. For instance, on their website, customers can currently order sweet scarlet or gold turnips from Harmony Valley Farm in Viroqua, Wisconsin, and russet or yukon gold potatoes from Igl Farms in Antigo, Wisconsin.
How to "Kill It" at Your First Murder Mystery Dinner Show
Be the top detective with our tips on solving the case at your first murder mystery dinner.
The Taste of Groupon Awards
If they make your favorite restaurant special, we want to honor them. Groupon's Love Local Food Awards is celebration of everyone who makes the restaurant great: from the chefs and the bartenders, to the servers, the hosts, the busboys, and the house band.
Little Havana Restaurants: A Cuban-Food Crawl Down Calle Ocho
Want to find the best Cuban food in Miami? This handy itinerary takes you on a tasty stroll down Calle Ocho to eight of the best Little Havana restaurants.
The 4 Elements of a Romantic Restaurant, from the Award-Winning Mark’s American Cuisine
Flower petals and bottles of bubbly may be flashy, but Chef Mark Cox’s romantic restaurant proves setting and service are just as important.
Dale Talde on Why His Food Is "Proudly Inauthentic"
The Top Chef’s cooking style is one part mom’s Filipino cooking, one part American fast food, and 100% delicious.
Chef Reva Constantine on Her Love of Cooking and Detroit’s Foodie Explosion
Our Taste of Groupon Awards winner talks about her Motor City pride and what it was like to fall down on national TV
Filipino Food Is the (Current) Next Food Trend
America is apparently about to get to know Filipino food. A whole bunch of foodie prognosticators have it listed as a hot trend for 2014.
Rick Bayless Wants You to Drink a Good Margarita
While on location for his TV show in Oaxaca, Mexico, the celebrity chef talked to us about guacamole, the next big food trend, and 5 ways to make a margarita taste better.
Six Italian Food Facts That Go Beyond Pizza and Pasta
Think you know about Italian food? This guide might make you think again.
The Hottest Vegetables of 2014, According to a Food Critic Who Just Started Eating Them
In their insane quest to reach culinary nirvana, foodies will eat anything—even vegetables. C.R. Austin reports.
Five Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas for Five Types of Moms
Is your mom a bottomless-mimosa lady or a breakfast-in-bed type? Our guide will help you choose the best brunch for her.
Bestóv Food & Drink 2014
Bestóv's top interviews, advice, and ephemera in food and drink.
Graham Elliot on Cooking, Punk Rock, and Why They're One and the Same
The “MasterChef” judge runs a Michelin-starred Chicago bistro and keeps Lollapalooza tasty as its culinary director. We asked him what it takes to be a rock star in the kitchen.
Chef Iliana Regan on the Creative Process Behind Her Inventive Tasting Menus
Watch Chef Regan explain the process behind menus that have garnered Michelin stars and James Beard nominations for her Elizabeth restaurant in Chicago, one of the city's most celebrated since opening in 2012. 
Taste of Groupon: If You Love Food, You're Already a Foodie
We compiled our very best foodie-focused writing to help you enjoy every bite to the fullest.
Six Reasons to Try Korean Barbecue
Across the country, the Korean BBQ trend is heating up—just like the tabletop grill you’ll be cooking your meats and veggies on.
How to Grill a Perfect Burger with Tips from The Meat Hook’s Tom Mylan
When Tom Mylan tells you how to grind your own burgers from scratch, he wants you to listen. Just maybe not too hard.
LA is the Donut Capital of the World: An Argument in 9 Parts?
Keep your mediocre chains, everywhere else. The best donuts in Los Angeles are also the best donuts in the world.
Two Michelin-Starred Acadia's Chef Ryan McCaskey Loves Farm-to-Table Food. He Just Won't Make It.
Chef Ryan McCaskey of Acadia talks about why he loves the locavore movement—and why he’s not part of it.
How Southern Food Stays Southern, Even When It's Cooked Up North
Fried chicken, cornbread, and sweet potatoes are on menus nationwide. So is it still Southern? We identify three tenets of Southern food anywhere, with help from Southern chefs like Sean Brock, the James Beard Award winner.
Flour’s Joanne Chang On Her New Cookbook and the Best Baking Tools
Baking is notoriously precise. You need not only the right ingredients, but also the right baking tools. Cookbook author and James Beard Award nominee Joanne Chang shares her kitchen essentials.
Six Types of People Who Belong at a Buffet
All sorts of people can enjoy a buffet restaurant, from picky eaters to indecisive families.
Make Brunch Great Again: 7 Rules to Improve Everyone's Sunday Funday
Through no fault of its own, Sunday brunch has gotten a bad reputation. Here are seven things we can do to save it.
The Right Way to Split a Group Check
Mister Manners on how to split the check, plus how to deal with a poor-tipping friend.
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